Friday, May 30, 2008

Black Parents: A Radical Alternative

My new "Success Strategies" radio show will be dealing with different topics, including Nonviolent Communication.

I was at a community meeting last night, where the speaker was saying it is part of our African heritgage to hit children. I have heard this so many times. The reason why there are so many problems today is that children lack "discipline", meaning they are not hit or beaten.
I think using violence is part of every culture, it's not just an African tradition. Violence is used by every race and every cultural group. When we use violence, we increase the energy of violence in the universe. This is universal wisdom. Look around the world and we can see the consequences of that. And we don't have to look far - it's happening on the streets of London.

I am saying there is a better alternative. Check out my new ebook: What They Don't Want Us to Know.

I am talking about a radically different way of communicating with children - and everybody else. But although it is radically different, it is based on ancient traditions.

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Sorry to be controversial, but I am starting as I mean to go on.