Thursday, August 04, 2011

Our History, Our Healing

One reason why I post about Black history so much on Ancestral Energies is that the more we understand our history, the better equipped we are to create a better future.

Black people, like many oppressed groups, sometimes have a tendency to blame ourselves and each other for our problems.

Difficult and painful images of Africa flood our TV screens, but the historical context for these issues is seldom given.

The more we understand the history of Africa under colonisation, the more we can begin to understand why African people are in the position we are in - both on the continent and all over the Diaspora.

We need to understand that wherever we are in the world, African people are facing many of the same challenges.

And we need to understand why - this is an essential part of our healing process.

Click here for my blog on the Black history film The First Grader, which explores the history of British colonisation in Africa.

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