Wednesday, February 06, 2013

U.S. Sickness and Death Rates Outstrip Other Countries

According to this blog, U.S. citizens are sicker and have shorter lifespans than citizens of other affluent nations.  

This is true across all socioeconomic groups and all ages, a recent report has shown. 

U.S. rates of sickness and death were compared against those of Canada, Australia, Japan and many Western European countries. 

The causes of this are probably, among other things: 

The poor diet and lack of exercise

In the U.S., medicine is a business.  Patient care and prevention of illness may be being sacrificed in favour of financial considerations.  

The report showed that children and young people are particularly at risk.  

Meanwhile, Alex Loyd, the author of The Healing Codes, has found that Americans are spending more than ever on natural health and healing methods - but not achieving significantly better results.  

He argues that the true causes of illness are not being addressed.  To read more, see The Healing Codes.  

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