Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Many African Americans Still Can't Access Healthcare

African American Cultural Center

Despite the Affordable Care Act, a/k/a Obamacare, one group is particularly likely to be without affordable healthcare.  

According to this article, Many African-Americans Fall Into a Health 'Coverage Gap'.  

One more reason Why We Need to Heal

The health 'coverage gap' is partly caused by the fact that 55% of African Americans live in states that have not adopted affordable healthcare via Medicaid.  Added to this, many earn over the Medicaid threshold but do not earn enough to qualify for subsidized health insurance.  

As expanding the eligibility for Medicaid is now optional, many states have chosen not to adopt it, and these states are often those with large African American populations.  More of a quarter of those who are covered are Black.  Some Latinos also miss out, but not in the same proportions.  

So race is still playing a key role in access - or lack of access - to healthcare. 

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Melany Wakefield - Okoro said...

You know, I really think they should leave the United States and live somewhere else, preferably in black countries. White America will never give up its racial prejudice, they like it that way. It gives them power. We live in 2015 and it's even more worse for African Americans then 10 years ago.

Zhana21 said...

Thanks for your comment.

Whom do you think should live in Black countries? Who are "they"?

I agree with you that there are many white people who will never give up their power. But there are others who have some sense, and I always believe it is possible for people to learn. There have always been white people who are committed to justice. Many of the people who supported the Underground Railroad were white. I think the real problem is group mentality. Racism is just one form of group mentality. And, as I said, people are capable of learning and changing (although the will to do so is not always there).