Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mom at 10 and Married at 11

Sherry Johnson, child bride
I am sharing with you today this post about Sherry Johnson, a young Black girl in Florida who was forced to marry her rapist and bring up her six children from the age of ten onwards.  

That is to say, the mother, Sherry, was ten.  And this happened, not somewhere in Africa or Asia where child marriage is often commonplace, but in Florida.  The authorities did not protect this girl.  The law did not protect her.  Her family did not protect her.  I am sure you are as shocked by this as I am.  And I am sure that, like me, you applaud her courage. 

Sherry is very eloquent on what she had to give up while she was still a child, in order to provide and care for her children.   She is still fighting for the laws to be changed so that underage children cannot be forced into marriage. 

Please share this with your networks, and please leave your comments below.  We MUST stamp out child abuse and expectation.  If you agree, post "Yes".   

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