Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lama Rangdrol's Visit

I was privileged to meet Lama Rangdrol earlier this year, when he visited the London Buddhist Centre. He was fresh from giving one of the keynote speeches at the Beyond Race and Caste conference in San Francisco.

We had two meetings with him at the LBC. I asked him about how we can spread the Dharma in the Black community and spoke of my concern about the rising number of young people killing each other. Many of these murders happen in South London, and even in my neighbourhood of Camberwell, but mostly in adjoining areas such as Peckham.

Lama Rangdrol said we would need to practice for others who can't do it for themselves. Many of the young Black men he grew up with in Oakland, CA did not make itout of the ghetto alive. Those who did were often too scarred by their experience to be able to explore the life of peace and contemplation which Buddhism can offer.

I was glad to be able to meet an experienced Buddhist who is committed to exploring and demonstrating the relationship Buddhism has to the experience of people of African heritage.

We will be screening Lama Rangdrol's film, "Festival Cancelled Due to Heavy Rain", on Saturday at the LBC. Click here for more details.

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