Friday, October 17, 2008

Using EFT with Children

One of the great things about using EFT is that we don’t have to tell the therapist what the problem is. EFT still works effectively. We may be too upset or traumatised to talk about what is going on. Or we may feel it is too private and we don’t want to divulge our secrets. Either way, EFT still works.

One benefit of this is that we can use EFT with children. Again, the child may be too upset or frightened to say what the difficulty is. But the child may also not have the language skills yet to be able to describe the problem. EFT can even be used on babies who are too young to talk. It works with animals as well. There is a process called “surrogate tapping” that can be used for this. We can also use it at a distance – if you have a friend or family member who you know is having a difficulty, you can do surrogate tapping for that person.

You can even use it on strangers! I read a great article about tapping for someone who was nervous on a plane. The person doing the tapping did not feel confident to approach the other passenger, but saw the person looking visibly relieved and calmer after a few rounds of EFT.

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