Sunday, October 06, 2013

Mental Wellbing and HIV

New research by Positively UK, presented in their States of Mind Report, shows that three quarters of all HIV positive people experience mental health issues.  

For more about this, see:  
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Mental Health Today
Mental health can impact on treatment, as people can miss doses of their meds as a result of depression and other mental health issues. 

The report highlights the need for mental health support for people living with HIV.  However, mental health services are shrinking due to budgetary constraints.  

This report may not be telling us anything we don't already know.  But as people of African heritage are already over-represented within mental health service users, and HIV is still spreading rapidly in areas where there are large numbers of African people, such as inner-city London, this is something we need to be very concerned about.  

Click here for a short audio on the benefits of meditation.  Meditation can have a very powerful effect on our wellbeing.  


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Alzheimer's and Dementia in UK-Based Black People

Further to my blog on the fact that African Americans are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer's disease, the Alzheimer's Organisation produced a report in July of 2013 on the impact of Alzheimer's and dementia on BAME ("Black and minority ethnic") communities in the England and Wales.  

Based on census data, there is an estimate of nearly 25,000 people with Alzheimer's from BAME communities in England and Wales. 

This number is expected to grow to nearly 50,000 by 2026 and over 172,000 people by 2051. This is nearly a seven-fold increase in 40 years, as compared with a doubling of the figure for the overall population.  

These figures reflect the ageing  BAME population.,  

Alzheimer's and dementia cause a lot of suffering.  However, they are not inevitable.  We routinely eliminate Alzheimer's and dementia using Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT).  For  more about this, see Freedom from Alzheimer's and Dementia


Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sky-High Rates of Cancer in Martinique.

The Caribbean is starting to lead the world in terms of the number of people contracting cancer.  Sky-high rates of cancer in Martinique are being caused by the chemicals that are used there.   

Martiniquans face high rates of prostate cancer and breast cancer, as well as other forms of cancer, diabetes, Parkinsons and other illnesses. 

Regulations are in place regarding the production of foodstuffs in France, which means that foods from Martinique may be prohibited from entering France.  However, the same regulations are not applied within Martinique - there are no regulations prohibiting farming on contaminated land. 

So the pesticide Chlordecone has been found in foodstuffs, including cows' milk, in Martinique. Chlorodene is banned in Europe, but not in Martinique and Guadeloupe. 

The No to Chlordecone Association and other environmental organisations are campaigning for reparation for the prejudice they face. They are also campaigning for better traceability. Nowadays, when you buy a product in a market, you have no idea where it originated [a problem which has been highlighted by the horse meat scandal].

The farmers are not compensated if they reduce or cease production. 

Watch the video above for more information. 

This video was posted by London Black History Walks. 


Wednesday, February 06, 2013

U.S. Sickness and Death Rates Outstrip Other Countries

According to this blog, U.S. citizens are sicker and have shorter lifespans than citizens of other affluent nations.  

This is true across all socioeconomic groups and all ages, a recent report has shown. 

U.S. rates of sickness and death were compared against those of Canada, Australia, Japan and many Western European countries. 

The causes of this are probably, among other things: 

The poor diet and lack of exercise

In the U.S., medicine is a business.  Patient care and prevention of illness may be being sacrificed in favour of financial considerations.  

The report showed that children and young people are particularly at risk.  

Meanwhile, Alex Loyd, the author of The Healing Codes, has found that Americans are spending more than ever on natural health and healing methods - but not achieving significantly better results.  

He argues that the true causes of illness are not being addressed.  To read more, see The Healing Codes.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Formula for Miracles

I have been listening to the Brent Phillips audio from Manifest Everything Now, on The Formula for Miracles.  

To read my notes about Brent Phillips's work,

Phillips has been talking about Theta healing, which brings about miraculous results in health and many other areas.  They are not really miraculous, but they appear to be from where we are.  

Theta healing involves tapping into the energy from a higher dimension (as does Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)).  

We can each use this energy to transform our lives.  And if we work together, we can transform society.  We really can heal the planet.  

For more about working with the Higher Self and SRT, click here for Success Strategies for Black People.  See also:  Your Inner Wisdom.  

You may also be interested in this recording of Deep Theta music, which can help you to access Theta states of mind. 

Here's to your health!