Monday, May 15, 2006

Pain Control without Drugs

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The two articles below give examples of people using EFT to control pain successfully. This work is so compassionate. I really love it. - Zhana

Pain Control without Drugs

Hi Everyone,

This is the first of two articles (the second one is posted below) on pain control offered to us by Tam Llewellyn-Edwards from the UK. They give clear evidence of the use of EFT for one of the world's most prevalent needs--the management of pain. Who among us doesn't know several people with consistent pain?

Someday I hope that the medical establishment will give greater recognition to these procedures and their apparent lack of negative side effects when used for physical pain.

Hugs, Gary

Pain Control--Part I

We see many cases that on presentation seem to be identical, but which need just that little different angle to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. We see many back problems in our modern world. It is said to be the single greatest cause of lost working hours in the UK and the pain incapacitates thousands of people. This need not be so, as the pain, if not the problem itself, can be controlled with EFT.

When dealing with back problems (or any pain for that matter) we have to be careful to ensure that we are not simply covering the symptoms of a deeper problem. This is best done by ensuring that our clients have first seen a conventional medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

Here and in my next contribution I will discuss two cases, which were, on presentation, very similar but which, in practice, showed quite different aspects of EFT.

My first case is a man (we shall call him John) who had been suffering for some time from chronic back pain in the lumbar and lower neck regions. The cause was clear as the vertebrae of his back had deteriorated beyond the point of repair. He was in great pain and was being treated with ever increasing doses of opiates.

John disliked his drug therapy and was afraid of the increasing dose needed to maintain comfort, but without his drugs his life was one of intolerable pain. He presented at our clinic for homeopathic treatment more in desperation than in hope of success. When offered EFT as a “quick fix” John was openly sceptical, but agreed to try anything once.

A very simple session took place. There were no fancy set ups – just “Even though I have this pain …..”. We worked alternatively on the two sites of pain, and at a later stage changed to “Even though I have this dullness …..”. In the first session the discomfort had dropped from 10 to about 4 on a 0-10 scale of pain. He said, “I can live with that”, and left a happy man. I had encouraged him to tap regularly as he reduced his intake of Opiates.

John’s next session was about a month later, and he arrived still a happy man. He had weaned himself off his drugs under the guidance of his medical practitioner, and without his drugs he had realised just what harm they had been doing to his life. He still had a little pain (a level of 2), but could accept that as a warning that his back was permanently damaged and needed to be treated with care and gentleness.

Next time I will present a very similar case, which also re-acted well with EFT therapy, but which needed quite different treatment.
Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

Pain Control--Part II

This case relates to a female client (we will call her Jean), who presented with almost identical symptoms to those of John in my previous contribution. Jean also had chronic back pain in the lumbar and lower neck regions. Her problems, like John’s, were caused by deteriorated vertebrae, and she, too, had been on heavy doses of opiates for a number of years.

In Jean’s case, however, the dosage had been increased up to the maximum considered possible by her medical practitioner and, although she was in considerable pain, no increase in dosage was allowed. The pain had risen to such a pitch that she was now unable to sleep at night and the resulting tiredness was causing her extra problems. Unlike John, Jean was a believer in complementary medicine and had seen the good results I had produced on another patient she knew socially (who had a different condition). She was sure I could help her and eager to let me try.

Again the treatment was a very simple form of EFT with a Set Up Phrase of ‘Even though I have this terrible pain ……’. From a value of 10 on a pain scale of 0 to 10 the pain dropped swiftly in a few rounds to 2-3. We did not have to separate out the two different main focuses of the pain, nor did the ‘type’ of pain change during the tapping. Although, as the pain intensity dropped through 5, we made a slight change and started referring to ‘This remaining pain’.

With the pain down to 2-3, we ended the session with the intention of leaving a little pain to warn the patient of her damaged back. There were some other matters to discuss (largely problems due to her recent lack of sleep) and we discussed these for a little while before she left my office.

As she was about to leave, I asked about her back pain. “Not bad,” she said, “but always when I am in a hot room my head aches, and this always makes my neck hurt more”. This was too much of a challenge for an EFTer to refuse and we quickly did a round of tapping using the Set Up Phrase ‘Even though my head always aches in a hot room and this makes my neck hurt more ……….’.

One round of tapping removed both her headache and her neck pain. This was a classic case of Jean having writing on her mental walls to the effect that hot rooms caused a headache which, in turn, intensified her back ache. As long as Jean believed this and was prepared to live with it as a ‘fact of life’ it would always be so. But a single round of tapping cleared her pain and allowed her to see that it was not a self-evident truth. As she left it was difficult for her to put a number on her back pain – she put it at ‘Less than a half’.

Now, some two months later, both these clients are off opiates. John still has a little pain, which he controls on occasion with Paracetomol, but Jean uses no pain reduction medication at all. A few days ago it was most rewarding to look out of my window and see Jean taking her young granddaughter to school moving happily and freely and obviously without pain, and to remember that for a number of years previously she had been crippled with pain and unable to get out of her house without help.

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Raising Your Vibration

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You can raise your vibration by improving the quality of your thoughts. When we raise our vibrations, we can improve our physical health and heal our bodies. We can make amazing things happen. Our thoughts are very powerful.

These changes don’t happen overnight, however. Changing our vibration is a practice. We have to work at it repeatedly and ongoingly.

I’ve listened to this broadcast with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes several times and I will keep listening to it – it is very rich and full of information.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weight Loss Technique

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Weight Loss Technique Eliminates Emotional Overeating: Halts Need for Comfort Foods

San Francisco (PRWEB) -- Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), announces that the procedure has helped patients recover from chronic yeast infections without drugs or adverse side effects, as reported by medical doctors and their patients.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Most diet and exercise plans require will power – and that’s why they fail. But a simple “emotional acupressure” technique eliminates the need for will power along with the underlying causes of emotional overeating.“

The real drivers in weight loss cases are emotional issues such as self-worth and anxiety,” explains Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). “Until these emotions are properly resolved, will power will take a back seat and the need for ‘comfort foods’ will win out every time.

”New York City therapist Carol Look, LCSW, DCH, agrees. “When you use sugar or overeating as a way to numb your feelings,” says Dr. Look, “no diet in the world can help you. Even the latest surgery does nothing to correct underlying emotional imbalances that trigger overeating. EFT doesn’t focus on calorie restriction. Instead, it targets emotions that lead to immediate cravings, hunger pangs, and poor eating habits, such as emotions triggered by daily stress, issues from the past, a family history of obesity, limiting beliefs about ones ability to lose weight, fear of the future, and other factors that trigger binges.”

EFT addresses these issues by combining focused thought with gentle fingertip tapping on key acupressure points. Dr. Look and other EFT practitioners worldwide report a 50- to 80-percent success rate for most who try it for weight loss, and the results, especially for specific cravings, are often immediate.“

Clients soon notice that they begin to ‘forget" about eating binges,” she says, “and they become engaged in activities other than secretive eating or food shopping. Their weight comes off as the underlying issues are addressed and the basics of symptomatic behavior are tapped away.“

As word about EFT spreads, a growing number of medical doctors and other health care practitioners are teaching it to patients.“

Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of not only compulsive overeating but all illnesses,” says Eric Robins, MD, a Los Angeles urologist. “When that happens, EFT will be one of medicine’s primary healing tools. It already is for me.”

More than 225,000 worldwide have downloaded Gary Craig’s free training manual from the official EFT website, which features dozens of weight-loss case reports. Some have lost over 100 pounds or overcome conditions like bulimia using the technique.“

America is in the throes of an obesity epidemic,” says Craig. “Public health officials are concerned because people of all ages, including children, are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. These are preventable tragedies. EFT is a new technique, but it already has an impressive track record in helping people lose weight, get in shape, stay active, and improve their overall health.”

As a bonus, he says, EFT is so easy to learn that even the very young can use it.

The free EFT manual gives all the basics and has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages. You can download it for free at

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