Friday, June 09, 2006

Diabetes - Lower Blood Sugar

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Diabetes: Tap Your Way to Lower Blood Sugar? New Drug-free Procedure Helps Control, Reverse Diabetes

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- A diabetes epidemic is overtaking the United States and the rest of the world. In less than 20 years, governments and social security systems may go broke paying expenses generated by this preventable illness. Diabetes cases are expected to double before the year 2025, and their health care costs will increase from $163 billion per year to $396 billion or more.

But while hospitals and public health services gear up for what they describe as an inevitable catastrophe, a small but growing number of diabetes patients are learning how to lose weight, balance their blood sugar, reduce their bodies’ need for insulin, and heal complications such as leg ulcers and insufficient circulation in the toes and feet. They are doing this not by going on rigorous diets or exercise programs but rather by tapping with their fingertips on key acupuncture points while focusing on symptoms or emotional issues.

“EFT is bioenergetic medicine,” explains best-selling health author Joseph Mercola, D.O. “It’s based on the same energy meridians used in traditional acupuncture to treat physical and emotional ailments for over five thousand years, but without the invasiveness of needles. This combination of tapping the energy meridians and voicing positive affirmations works to clear the ‘short-circuits’ – the emotional blocks – from the body's bioenergy system, thus restoring the balance that is essential for optimal health and the healing of physical disease. More than any traditional or alternative method I have used or researched, EFT works.”

Los Angeles physician Eric Robins, MD, agrees. "Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85 percent of all illnesses, including diabetes,” he says. “When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools, as it already is for me."

In one of many reports posted at the EFT website, Michael, a 59-year-old obese male, suffered from advanced type 2 diabetes, leg ulcers, and leg and back pain. After he learned EFT, which takes just a few minutes, his insulin requirement dropped from three injections per day to one per week, his blood sugar level dropped from 400 to 109, his leg ulcers began to heal, the blood pressure and circulation in his feet increased, his leg and back pain disappeared, and his energy level increased dramatically.

“Michael’s results may sound unusual,” says Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT, “but in fact, his results are what EFT practitioners have come to expect. As soon as you remove energy blocks, the body often repairs itself without the use of prescription drugs or anything else. EFT is truly a universal healing tool and many physicians are adopting it.”

Over 225,000 have downloaded Craig’s free training manual and another 10,000 download it each month. The official EFT Manual has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages.

The EFT Manual explains the basics so that anyone can begin applying EFT right away. It can be freely downloaded at

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Pain Control without Drugs

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The two articles below give examples of people using EFT to control pain successfully. This work is so compassionate. I really love it. - Zhana

Pain Control without Drugs

Hi Everyone,

This is the first of two articles (the second one is posted below) on pain control offered to us by Tam Llewellyn-Edwards from the UK. They give clear evidence of the use of EFT for one of the world's most prevalent needs--the management of pain. Who among us doesn't know several people with consistent pain?

Someday I hope that the medical establishment will give greater recognition to these procedures and their apparent lack of negative side effects when used for physical pain.

Hugs, Gary

Pain Control--Part I

We see many cases that on presentation seem to be identical, but which need just that little different angle to bring to a satisfactory conclusion. We see many back problems in our modern world. It is said to be the single greatest cause of lost working hours in the UK and the pain incapacitates thousands of people. This need not be so, as the pain, if not the problem itself, can be controlled with EFT.

When dealing with back problems (or any pain for that matter) we have to be careful to ensure that we are not simply covering the symptoms of a deeper problem. This is best done by ensuring that our clients have first seen a conventional medical practitioner for diagnosis and treatment.

Here and in my next contribution I will discuss two cases, which were, on presentation, very similar but which, in practice, showed quite different aspects of EFT.

My first case is a man (we shall call him John) who had been suffering for some time from chronic back pain in the lumbar and lower neck regions. The cause was clear as the vertebrae of his back had deteriorated beyond the point of repair. He was in great pain and was being treated with ever increasing doses of opiates.

John disliked his drug therapy and was afraid of the increasing dose needed to maintain comfort, but without his drugs his life was one of intolerable pain. He presented at our clinic for homeopathic treatment more in desperation than in hope of success. When offered EFT as a “quick fix” John was openly sceptical, but agreed to try anything once.

A very simple session took place. There were no fancy set ups – just “Even though I have this pain …..”. We worked alternatively on the two sites of pain, and at a later stage changed to “Even though I have this dullness …..”. In the first session the discomfort had dropped from 10 to about 4 on a 0-10 scale of pain. He said, “I can live with that”, and left a happy man. I had encouraged him to tap regularly as he reduced his intake of Opiates.

John’s next session was about a month later, and he arrived still a happy man. He had weaned himself off his drugs under the guidance of his medical practitioner, and without his drugs he had realised just what harm they had been doing to his life. He still had a little pain (a level of 2), but could accept that as a warning that his back was permanently damaged and needed to be treated with care and gentleness.

Next time I will present a very similar case, which also re-acted well with EFT therapy, but which needed quite different treatment.
Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

Pain Control--Part II

This case relates to a female client (we will call her Jean), who presented with almost identical symptoms to those of John in my previous contribution. Jean also had chronic back pain in the lumbar and lower neck regions. Her problems, like John’s, were caused by deteriorated vertebrae, and she, too, had been on heavy doses of opiates for a number of years.

In Jean’s case, however, the dosage had been increased up to the maximum considered possible by her medical practitioner and, although she was in considerable pain, no increase in dosage was allowed. The pain had risen to such a pitch that she was now unable to sleep at night and the resulting tiredness was causing her extra problems. Unlike John, Jean was a believer in complementary medicine and had seen the good results I had produced on another patient she knew socially (who had a different condition). She was sure I could help her and eager to let me try.

Again the treatment was a very simple form of EFT with a Set Up Phrase of ‘Even though I have this terrible pain ……’. From a value of 10 on a pain scale of 0 to 10 the pain dropped swiftly in a few rounds to 2-3. We did not have to separate out the two different main focuses of the pain, nor did the ‘type’ of pain change during the tapping. Although, as the pain intensity dropped through 5, we made a slight change and started referring to ‘This remaining pain’.

With the pain down to 2-3, we ended the session with the intention of leaving a little pain to warn the patient of her damaged back. There were some other matters to discuss (largely problems due to her recent lack of sleep) and we discussed these for a little while before she left my office.

As she was about to leave, I asked about her back pain. “Not bad,” she said, “but always when I am in a hot room my head aches, and this always makes my neck hurt more”. This was too much of a challenge for an EFTer to refuse and we quickly did a round of tapping using the Set Up Phrase ‘Even though my head always aches in a hot room and this makes my neck hurt more ……….’.

One round of tapping removed both her headache and her neck pain. This was a classic case of Jean having writing on her mental walls to the effect that hot rooms caused a headache which, in turn, intensified her back ache. As long as Jean believed this and was prepared to live with it as a ‘fact of life’ it would always be so. But a single round of tapping cleared her pain and allowed her to see that it was not a self-evident truth. As she left it was difficult for her to put a number on her back pain – she put it at ‘Less than a half’.

Now, some two months later, both these clients are off opiates. John still has a little pain, which he controls on occasion with Paracetomol, but Jean uses no pain reduction medication at all. A few days ago it was most rewarding to look out of my window and see Jean taking her young granddaughter to school moving happily and freely and obviously without pain, and to remember that for a number of years previously she had been crippled with pain and unable to get out of her house without help.

Tam Llewellyn-Edwards

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Raising Your Vibration

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You can raise your vibration by improving the quality of your thoughts. When we raise our vibrations, we can improve our physical health and heal our bodies. We can make amazing things happen. Our thoughts are very powerful.

These changes don’t happen overnight, however. Changing our vibration is a practice. We have to work at it repeatedly and ongoingly.

I’ve listened to this broadcast with Carol Look and Rick Wilkes several times and I will keep listening to it – it is very rich and full of information.

To listen, click here.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Weight Loss Technique

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Weight Loss Technique Eliminates Emotional Overeating: Halts Need for Comfort Foods

San Francisco (PRWEB) -- Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), announces that the procedure has helped patients recover from chronic yeast infections without drugs or adverse side effects, as reported by medical doctors and their patients.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Most diet and exercise plans require will power – and that’s why they fail. But a simple “emotional acupressure” technique eliminates the need for will power along with the underlying causes of emotional overeating.“

The real drivers in weight loss cases are emotional issues such as self-worth and anxiety,” explains Gary Craig, the Stanford-trained engineer who developed EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). “Until these emotions are properly resolved, will power will take a back seat and the need for ‘comfort foods’ will win out every time.

”New York City therapist Carol Look, LCSW, DCH, agrees. “When you use sugar or overeating as a way to numb your feelings,” says Dr. Look, “no diet in the world can help you. Even the latest surgery does nothing to correct underlying emotional imbalances that trigger overeating. EFT doesn’t focus on calorie restriction. Instead, it targets emotions that lead to immediate cravings, hunger pangs, and poor eating habits, such as emotions triggered by daily stress, issues from the past, a family history of obesity, limiting beliefs about ones ability to lose weight, fear of the future, and other factors that trigger binges.”

EFT addresses these issues by combining focused thought with gentle fingertip tapping on key acupressure points. Dr. Look and other EFT practitioners worldwide report a 50- to 80-percent success rate for most who try it for weight loss, and the results, especially for specific cravings, are often immediate.“

Clients soon notice that they begin to ‘forget" about eating binges,” she says, “and they become engaged in activities other than secretive eating or food shopping. Their weight comes off as the underlying issues are addressed and the basics of symptomatic behavior are tapped away.“

As word about EFT spreads, a growing number of medical doctors and other health care practitioners are teaching it to patients.“

Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of not only compulsive overeating but all illnesses,” says Eric Robins, MD, a Los Angeles urologist. “When that happens, EFT will be one of medicine’s primary healing tools. It already is for me.”

More than 225,000 worldwide have downloaded Gary Craig’s free training manual from the official EFT website, which features dozens of weight-loss case reports. Some have lost over 100 pounds or overcome conditions like bulimia using the technique.“

America is in the throes of an obesity epidemic,” says Craig. “Public health officials are concerned because people of all ages, including children, are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. These are preventable tragedies. EFT is a new technique, but it already has an impressive track record in helping people lose weight, get in shape, stay active, and improve their overall health.”

As a bonus, he says, EFT is so easy to learn that even the very young can use it.

The free EFT manual gives all the basics and has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages. You can download it for free at

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Friday, April 28, 2006

Creating Positive Change

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After clearing out the negatives and past traumas, hurt, anger, wounding, and any blocks and obstacles, we can use EFT to create positive change in our lives.

Check out this article by Steve Wells about how EFT helped a CEO with his anxieties/fears about public speaking.

Using EFT to Create Positive Change: Moving Beyond the Remedial Level

Hi Everyone,

Spend some time with this excellent article by Steve Wells from Australia. Most people use EFT to eliminate negative barriers but very few use it to guide positive change and make dreams come true. Steve gives a first class example of how to do this with a client who had initially come to Steve with a public speaking fear. It is one thing to get rid of the fear but it is quite another to turn that client into an enthusiastic public speaker. Both can be done with skillful uses of EFT.

Hugs, Gary


By Steve Wells

As I see it, there are 3 main levels we can work on with energy methods such as EFT. The first, or primary level of using these techniques is the remedial level. This is where we use EFT to clear out problems, fix phobias, overcome past traumas, and create shifts on the emotional problems that we face. The remedial level is where most people who are working with clients will start, since clients come to us in pain and wanting a shift in their emotional problems. It is also the level where many people who are hurting will seek help, and where a self-helper will focus their attention. Unfortunately, for many people this is as far as they will go with these energy treatments. And that's a shame. There is much much more that can be achieved. In my opinion the best uses of these techniques will be found when we move beyond the remedial level to the preventative level, and then beyond this to the generative level. I'll illustrate what I mean by discussing a client I worked with recently.

I recently worked with a CEO who was suffering a public speaking fear. As he had been promoted to CEO the fear, which had been with him as a niggling problem for many years, rose up to an unmanageable level and ultimately he sought treatment.
We first began by applying EFT to the fear, aiming to identify all the aspects - places and times and memories where the fear was a problem. We also identified other emotions associated with the fear, such as his anger at himself for having this problem, and related belief systems such as his perfectiionistic striving - and applied EFT to these. I taught him how to use continual tapping and imaginary tapping for "first aid" whenever the feelings arose, and for homework between sessions.

In the second session, we continued treating aspects, which for this gentleman included more work on those mentioned above as well as:

- Off the cuff speaking situations where he was expected to speak when put on the spot

- Speaking to large groups

- Speaking situations when there were officials and people of high status present.

We also searched for and treated past specific events involving presentations where the problem had arisen and where he had been embarrassed by this problem.

Work at this level is rewarding and the person - as did this man - often finds that results are quite quickly achieved and their general anxiety level subsides and confidence improves. As it was, improvements occurred in the first session, and were built on in the second session. He started to report that the panic and anxiety was arising less often and if it did the anxiety level was much less intense. Plus he was able to use EFT as "first aid" whenever this happened in order to bring his anxiety level down still more.

Along with this "remedial level" work with EFT on clearing aspects, I encouraged this gentleman to think about upcoming speaking events and to apply EFT whilst thinking about them. This is what I consider the preventative or secondary level of applying EFT. We anticipated troublesome situations and even considered his worst fears (being put on the spot and not being able to speak) and applied EFT to those. He began to feel a sense of excitement and "I can do this" confidence when thinking about these upcoming events - as well as seeing his previously negative thoughts as "irrelevant and stupid".

The remedial and the preventative level are excellent levels to work on and powerful results can be gained however I believe our work is incomplete if we do not also consider the next level beyond this, which is the creative, generative level. This is where the person considers alternative possible futures that they might be able to create. It is where we start to use our powers of intention to manifest the performances and achievements that we want. Visualising things going the way you want them to - the ideal - and associating to those images so that you can feel how that will feel, all the while tapping away on the points.

Of course, whenever you set a goal or form an intention to do something differently to how you would have done it in the past, your problems and limitations will rise up, with their attendant objections. These are what Gary Craig calls "Tail Enders". They could be saying to you, "Here is what is supposed to happen in those sorts of situations (i.e. failure!)", and along with such thoughts come the attendant images of failure and the associated feelings of embarrassment, humiliation, disgust...

In the case of the CEO, I asked him how many times he had imagined and practiced doing well in speaking situations. The answer of course was pretty near zero, since all his thoughts and feelings were of failure and dread, and negative "what if" scenarios. In essence, he was practicing and reinforcing failure. While remedial application of EFT had interrupted that pattern, it was now time so use his intention to create an alternative future, one where he presented with confidence and power.

I asked him about situations he'd like to present well in and the first thing he mentioned was the office Christmas party. This is a typically stressful situation for many senior managers and CEO's because often many people are involved, including the organisation's entire heirarchy of senior officers, and the expectation is on them to do an appropriate speech to the troops. That and the fact that this guy was fresh from a "wooden" performance at last year's Christmas party.

After some tapping to clear those negative feelings, I asked him how he would like to present at the next Christmas party if things could be ideal. He replied that he would love to be able to use humour, to be able to reach the people in the group and have them smiling and involved in his presentation. I asked him to create this image in his mind, first dissociated like looking at himself on the screen, then in the picture looking out from his own eyes, all the while tapping whilst holding the intention to associate with the feeling of really being there.

His demeanour changed fairly quickly from anxious and deflated to surprised and excited - and a smile broke out on his face. He was surprised to realise that he could not only create the image but also feel positive about speaking situations such as this, with a feeling of looking forward to the opportunity and the possibility of success.

This process of tapping while holding in mind the intention to connect with the success image and emotion I call Connecting With Success. I believe what happens is that, rather than "install" positive feelings, the tapping removes the barriers to being able to connect, settling down the negative thoughts and feelings that are "tuned in" by our previous conditioning around these issues.

While a little more work may be required by this gentleman in order to fully clear the negative aspects and beliefs that are preventing him from achieving his goal, he now knows that he can not only change the feelings about speaking as in reducing the fear, but also that it is possible for him to feel positive anticipation, even excitement over the possibility of real success in the future, and that creating that success in his mind-body is the way to get there.

By working in this way, he is starting to build a belief in a positive future possibility. (I need to point out here that this gentleman had tried in the past to engage in creative visualisation but had never been able to succeed because - as he put it - it was as if he was trying to "stuff" the positive image in over the negative image and feelings. With tapping, since we had also done the remedial and preventative tapping work, the opposing feelings had been settled down, the continued tapping whilst holding the positive intention settled down those that remained, and the connection was able to be made).

The key to the Connecting with Success approach is in maintaining your intention to connect, and really feel, the success feelings whilst tapping continually. Just one moment of true connection with those feelings is in my experience superior to hundreds of repetitions of visualisation or affirmations without the feeling.

I recommend to my clients that - at least initially - regular tapping sessions of the generative, creative kind be employed separate from their remedial tapping sessions. Do not kid yourself that remedial tapping will not be required, just ensure that you spend time on manifestation and intention as well as on remediation.

I do believe that all 3 levels of tapping may ultimately be required for best results, and that working through the remedial, to the preventative, to the generative level is the best way to go. A rush to the generative level could result not only in lack of validation and rapport, and could also push the problem parts back underground. The analogy I like is that if a client is stuck in quicksand they're not interested in scaling the heights, they just want to get back on solid ground. This is where the remedial work which EFT comes into its own.

Once out of the quicksand people can start to think about getting out of the forest, maybe notice some higher ground and move towards this, and once in that vantage point establish a destination. At that point, preventative and generative work is the way to go.

The balance of remedial, preventative and generative tapping provides - in my experience - the best overall results, and I commend it to you.

Best wishes,
Steve Wells
EFT Contributing Editor

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Friday, April 21, 2006

A New Kind of Breast Cancer

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Monday, March 27, 2006

New Asthma Treatment

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New Asthma Treatment Provides Impressive Relief Without Drugs

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Stanford Engineer Gary Craig introduces a new “acupuncture without needles” process that has generated impressive success for Asthma.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) was originally designed by Craig for emotional issues. However, it was soon discovered that many asthmatics, while using it for their emotional problems, simultaneously experienced improvements in their asthma symptoms. For some, their asthma cleared up completely.“This is striking evidence that Asthma has emotional causes,” says Craig, “and we may have hit upon an important factor that I would urge the medical profession to explore.”

This is not just Craig’s opinion as many other health professionals are discovering an even wider use of EFT for physical issues. Southern California Urologist Eric Robins MD says, "Some day the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools .... as it is for me."

EFT is modeled after acupuncture but doesn’t use needles. Instead, one simply stimulates certain meridian points by tapping on them with their fingertips. Properly done, both emotional and physical issues often subside in moments.

EFT does not require years of training, and it can be performed anywhere by anyone. Even children use EFT to stop asthma symptoms as soon as they begin. Anyone who knows the procedure can demonstrate it to someone in the early stages of an asthma attack, or they can tap directly on someone who is incapacitated. It should not be used, however, in lieu of proper medical advice.

In one case, Ed Leshin, DC, LAc, was visited by a woman three hours after she used her asthma inhaler. Despite the medication, she was wheezing, pale, and sweating, her lungs were congested, and she was close to needing hospital emergency room care.

Dr. Leshin showed her how to do EFT, and after several rounds of tapping (each taking less than a minute), her wheezing disappeared and she did not need emergency room treatment.“I am continually amazed at how well EFT works,” says Dr. Leshin.Over 225,000 people have downloaded Craig’s free EFT training manual from the official EFT website. It provides all the basics so anyone can begin using it immediately.

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See also: Healing and Transformation through Using EFT

Keywords: asthma, health, healing, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, alternative therapy

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Psychotherapy - Acupuncture without Needles

Psychotherapy Dramatically Improved By New 'Acupuncture Without Needles' Technique

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) -- Stanford Engineer Gary Craig brings a new Acupuncture finding to the psychotherapy field. It is called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and is based on the discovery that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's "subtle energies."

The entire body of Chinese Medicine is centered around these minute energy flows but, until recently, their use for emotional issues has gone unnoticed. "Conventional psychotherapy takes a long time to do very little," says Craig, "and that's because psychologists have been looking in the wrong place for centuries."

According to Craig's findings, traumatic memories from the past cause a 'short circuit' in the free flow of the body's Chi (energy) and that is what causes current forms of anxiety, nervousness, depression, headaches, phobic responses and the like. "Once you realize this," maintains Craig, "psychotherapy becomes easy."

EFT repairs this short circuit by stimulating precise meridian points via tapping on them with the fingertips. This simple process can be learned and applied by anyone.

"I believe that acupuncture and EFT work well together," says Tashi Rabten, ND, LAc. At the Lhasa University School of Traditional Medicine in Tibet, where he received advanced degrees in medicine and acupuncture, Dr. Rabten attended over 4,000 hours of acupuncture classes and clinics. He is president of the International Tibetan Medical Association.

"It takes years of practice to become an expert acupuncturist," he says, "but with EFT you can learn to tap on key points in just a few minutes with no experience or training. Acupuncture is still the best way to treat specific health problems because it works deeply and precisely, but EFT is an excellent support therapy, and it helps bring lasting results by removing the emotional causes of many illnesses."

Dr. Rabten has witnessed the physiological changes EFT can produce first-hand. In one case, he held the wrist of a congestive heart failure patient to monitor his pulse, which was fast, weak, and erratic. Dr. Rabten asked the patient's wife to tap EFT points on her husband's face and torso, and within 20 seconds, the patient's pulse slowed and became strong and steady.

Hundreds of reports and case studies from EFT practitioners, including licensed acupuncturists and health care professionals, testify to the procedure's versatility. All of the conditions treated by conventional acupuncture are represented, along with psychological issues like post-traumatic stress disorder, phobias, anxiety, and psychosomatic illnesses. Even reading comprehension problems and golf games improve as a result of tapping.

Craig's EFT Manual provides all the basics for free and has been translated by volunteer practitioners into nine languages. His EFT website has risen from obscurity to the sixth most actively visited natural health site in the world.

Click here to order EFT courses and to download the free EFT manual.

See also: Healing and Transformation through Using EFT,

Depression and Chronic Problems

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Using EFT for Chronic Problems

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Do you have a problem that persists, one you have had for many years? Do you think you will never get rid of it? Check out the article below.

EFT is effective at treating many chronic problems including:
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • addictions
  • chronic pain
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • weight loss
and many more.

Using EFT for Chronic Problems

This may be the ideal article for those whose issues are chronic and seemingly beyond help. Jayne Morgan-Kidd describes her 10 year struggle with a chronic issue and how, through the persistent use of EFT, it eventually cleared. She says,

"As a therapist using EFT regularly several times a day for others, without even knowing it, I was borrowing benefits for my attitude toward my own healing! I began to know that I could heal. Ultimately I discovered the emotional source of my physical problem and I worked at it steadily for several weeks until it disappeared completely, never to return."

She also gives several example Setup phrases for this issue. - Gary Craig

By Jayne Morgan-Kidd

Hi Gary,

I often get inquiries from people who suffer with very long term chronic problems. They have been through the traditional medical and psychological help systems and were dissatisfied with the results. Obviously so, or they wouldn’t continue to search for help. Although their original problems have specific emotional roots, because of an often very long struggle, I believe they have developed an additional problem. The problem I’m speaking of is a specific depression related to the long term battle for relief. And this depression may have to be resolved before they can address their original problem(s).

I think this may be true for some people because I believe I am one of ‘those people’! I had a chronic problem for over 10 years. I went from one specialist to another during the earlier years. Perhaps a part of me had made the decision that I could not be cured. Certainly it was my growing experience as the years went by, but I would still continue to try different approaches.

Because of the ever-increasing depression, my thoughts focused more and more on the physical problem. And the more I focused on it, the worse it became. And the worse it became, the more I thought about it. Indeed, it was hard for me to think of anything else when I wasn’t working.

At the end of the 10th year, I found a doctor who was supposed to be a specialist in just my problem. A very special specialist!!! When I went to see him, he told me he had helped every woman who had ever come into his office. I felt some hope again. Three months later, not only was I no better, the problem had become much worse. The only thing I could see in my future was a continued worsening of this problem and I began to have suicidal thoughts. At the suggestion of a friend, I decided to go to a doctor of naturopathy who gave me some supplements, some hope, and some websites to look at. One of these was Dr. Mercola’s which had a link to the EFT website.

I began tapping even though I didn’t know at all what I was doing. Nothing much happened to my physical symptoms; however, the more I read about EFT and other people’s successes, the more hopeful I felt. I continued tapping on anything I could think of, with no results on the physical symptoms. But after a few weeks, it occurred to me that my mood was better. I began using EFT with clients and having surprising successes. This was also encouraging. Although my physical symptoms weren’t going away, I no longer focused on it. My mood was stable again.

I think this was key. I had to stop the almost constant negative thoughts about my problem before I could address the original problem. To me, this is a separate problem. As a therapist using EFT regularly several times a day for others, without even knowing it, I was borrowing benefits for my attitude toward my own healing! I began to know that I could heal. Ultimately I discovered the emotional source of my physical problem and I worked at it steadily for several weeks until it disappeared completely, never to return.

Many of these people who write to me about their chronic symptoms have fear/depression/anxiety about getting over the problem as part of their list. So I began developing phrases for some of these clients addressing the negative view of their own ability to heal. Examples include:

- Even though I may never heal from this, I accept that I’m doing the best that I can.

- Even though I have been struggling with this issue for a long time, I’m open to the possibility that I can recover completely.

- Even though I haven’t been able to heal from this, I choose to believe the possibility exists.

- Even though part of me is comfortable with the familiarity of this feeling, I love myself and all my parts.

- Even though I'm afraid to heal, I accept this struggle as part of my healing process.

- Even though part of me doesn't want to heal, I’m willing to give up this negative energy.

- Even though I'm too helpless to heal myself, I’m not beyond God’s help (the help of the Universe –use your manner of expressing this).

- Even though I’m too defective to heal, I choose to heal anyway.

- Even though I'm not worthy of healing, I am open to changing my perception of myself.

I received good feedback from many clients that these phrases have meaning for them. They hit home. And once they experienced some relief from the constant worry and fear about overcoming the problems, the problems became smaller and therefore, were easier to eliminate with EFT.

I hope this may encourage those who still struggle with chronic problems to continue using EFT. Perhaps addressing fears about your ability to heal could be a focus of some extended work. And when this resolves, the rest will be much easier.

Love and best wishes,

See also: Healing and Transformation through Using EFT

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More Energy

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I was listening to Dr. Carol Look's radio programme online the other day and her guest, Jon Gordon, was saying that you can have more energy by just changing your behaviour for ten minutes every day. He recommended walking for ten minutes per day. This method is a painless way of bringing about profound changes in your behaviour.

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Click here to listen to this programme. Click here to listen to all of Carol Look's programmes and archives.

You start by walking for ten minutes a day. Once this small change becomes a regular part of your routine, and you look forward to it, then you add five minutes so you are walking 15 minutes per day. Keep doing this until you are walking an hour a day. You will hardly even have noticed the change. Now you are walking an hour a day, every day, it is a normal part of your routine and you enjoy it!

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Healing and Transformation through Using EFT,
Using EFT for Chronic Problems

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Unidentified Fitness Obstacles

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I have recently been listening to Carol Look’s radio series on Abundance. Her recent guest, Michael Gerrish, author of The Mind/Body Makeover Project, talks about the blocks that stop us from achieving fitness. He calls these Unidentified Fitness Obstacles (UFOs), and tells how we can overcome them.

Click here to read more about the book and to order your copy.

To listen to this broadcast, click here.

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See also: Healing and Transformation through Using EFT

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Fear of Success

In this article, Carol Solomon PhD describes treating a case of fear of success.

A success formula for self-sabotage eliminates binge eating

Hi Everyone,
While this article by Carol Solomon, PhD has a binge eating focus, its concepts can be used for many kinds of success blocks. Note how an important core issue shows up in the process.
Hugs, Gary

By Carol Solomon, PhD

Dear Gary,

My client, Johnna, was incredibly capable, but found herself continuously sabotaging her success. She would get close to her goal, whether it was weight loss or her creative endeavors, and suddenly revert back to old behavior.

This was particularly obvious with her binge eating problem. Several times per month she would go "over the edge" and eat everything in sight. She made several attempts at overcoming this problem but, alas, she reverted back every time.

It was like a wet blanket was thrown on her drive toward her goal. Her inner critic would then show up, and she would have self-talk such as "Who do you think you are?" Johnna did not believe that she was allowed to be successful in anything, binge eating included.

Johnna recognized her pattern of self-sabotage. There seemed to be some fear of success, but she couldn't identify the source of the problem. Keeping in mind her lack of success with binge eating, we started with some general EFT statements:

- Even though success does not feel safe, I deeply and completely accept myself.
- Even though success does not feel good, I deeply love and accept myself anyway.
- Even though success feels threatening, I choose to love and accept myself completely.

Then we used some general statements to tap around the body:

- Success doesn't feel safe.
- Success doesn't feel good.
- Success is threatening.
- Part of me doesn't want to succeed.
- Who do you think you are?
- I'm not allowed to have it.
- Part of me doesn't want to change.
- It just doesn't feel right.

At this point, Johnna remembered that whenever she was successful, her parents would no longer help her. When she learned how to bake cookies, for example, her mother was happy and relieved. She would withdraw her support and turn that responsibility over to Johnna. It made Johnna feel alone, lonely and overwhelmed since she was saddled with more and more adult responsibilities.

She was always expected to handle these responsibilities. It was what her parents valued in her. But for Johnna, success meant losing contact with her parents, feeling alone and unsupported.

It was such a well-entrenched, unconscious pattern, that as an adult, Johnna became anxious whenever she neared success. If she lost weight, she was afraid there wouldn't be any support and that others would expect more of her.

She routinely sabotaged her success in order to feel less anxious. Yet, she felt frustrated knowing that she was repeating the same vicious cycle over and over again. It was only during EFT sessions that these patterns became clear.

Here is the next set of statements that I used with Johnna:

- Even though success means I will lose my support, and I won't be able to handle that, I choose to know I can get support if I need it.
- Even though success means more responsibility and that I have to KEEP being successful, I deeply love and accept all of my feelings.
- Even though change feels overwhelming and I am afraid that others will expect more of me, I profoundly love and accept myself.
- Even though I am afraid I won't be cared for if I am successful, I choose to love and accept myself anyway.
- Even though success feels frightening and different, I choose to embrace it now.
- Even though it is safer not to try, and I am afraid I will be lonely, I deeply and completely accept myself.
- Even though I feel scared to succeed, I choose to know that I am safe, secure and provided for in every way.
- Then around the body:
- I can't take care of me
- I was just a kid
- Feeling scared
- Feeling lonely
- Feeling overwhelmed
- Feeling angry inside
- Too much responsibility
- I'm all alone

And finish with a positive round:

- I'm ready to embrace my success
- I choose to be responsible for me for my own sake (Johnna's words)
- I deserve success
- I am grateful for my success
- I am ready to allow my success now
- I am ready to enjoy my success now
- I can be successful and still be cared for
- I can say no to too much responsibility

The fear of success MUST be confronted if the client is entrenched in this pattern. You can start to tap on the general issues, and work toward uncovering the underlying core issues. But if you don't unpack this issue, the client will never feel congruent with success enough to allow it.

Since our work together, Johnna has gone from binge eating several times per month to zero binge eating for the past two months. Success! No reverting back to old patterns. This process, of course, needs to be repeated for other avenues of success.
With love,

Carol Solomon, Ph.D.

See also: Healing and Transformation through Using EFT

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Agoraphobia Disappears

In this article, EFT practitioner Patti Spencer describes how her friend was cured of agoraphobia after suffering from it for many years.

50-Year Agoraphobia Goes "Poof"

Agoraphobia, in my experience, is often complicated and its many aspects usually require several sessions before tangible progress is achieved. That's not always the case, however, as clearly detailed in this article by Patti Spencer. This case appeared so easy that I wrote Patti back asking her for any stumbling blocks, etc. that may have been present. She responded, "I wish I could make it more complicated, but it was pretty much a slam dunk, 2 or 3 rounds, 15 minute wonder! No stumbling blocks to speak of. It seemed incredible to me that after nearly 50 years of agony in his life, it just kind of went "poof!" and disappeared."
- Gary Craig

By Patti Spencer

I want to share with you the story of my friend Bob. When Bob was 17 years old, he had an emergency appendectomy. When he awoke from the surgery, he was in a severe panic and only his mother could comfort him. From this experience, he developed agoraphobia lasting for years.

His chosen profession was real estate, and years before cell phones were available, he would always need to know the location of every phone booth so that he could call for help and find a "safe" person. He had an unhealthy dependence on his mother, and a fear of dying. He saw scores of psychiatrists, and took psychotropic drugs for years. These medications caused a myriad of health problems and altered his wittiness, his great sense of humor, his level of confidence and his basic personality.

He became a self-centered and needy person, and most of his family shunned him. Eventually, he was unable to work. Leaving his home took a great deal of effort. His marriage fell apart. He moved across the country, and I didn't see him for some years.

When I learned about EFT, I was eager to do a session with Bob, who is now 65 years old. He had made some progress in the last several years as a result of a promise to God following successful cancer and heart surgery. When he visited me several months ago, however, he was still crippled by his phobia. He was on his way to travel to New Zealand and Australia, fulfilling a lifelong dream, and brought his ex-wife, Ella, with him because being without a "safe" person was terrifying to him. He couldn't drive anywhere by himself, and basically was extremely uncomfortable being anywhere by himself, especially an open place, such as a park.

I asked Bob what would raise his intensity level the most, and he indicated that going to a park or a large open space by himself, away from his car and his cell phone would send him through the roof. He might be able to force himself to do this, but he would be extremely uncomfortable.

We tapped for no longer than 15 minutes on this issue (this fear of being alone--this anxiety), and his intensity level went down to about a 1. I asked him if he wanted to put it to the test, and he eagerly agreed to do so. He left in the car by himself, drove to an unfamiliar park by himself, and took a walk. Ella and I were beginning to be concerned because he was gone for a full hour (we were giving him about 20 minutes to return). He was perfectly fine when he did return, and had enjoyed the walk and the time to himself.

A couple of days later, Bob and I visited again. He was experiencing a high level of anxiety because he had to drop a relative off at a doctors' office, and then drive back to where he was staying by himself and be alone all afternoon. Another 15 minutes of tapping and I sent him off on his errand. When we met later that evening for dinner, I learned that not only was he relaxed driving by himself, but he decided to drive a significant distance further and go to the beach for a walk. He then drove to another area to visit a friend he hadn't seen in a long time. As it turned out, he was nearly late for dinner because he was enjoying himself so much. Ella was concerned because normally, he would have been calling her all afternoon if he was alone somewhere.

Bob was able to enjoy his vacation without any elevated anxiety, and when I followed up with him several months later, I found that he had been able to nearly completely leave off his medication. He was down to only one prescription, which was a low dosage and he was only taking it every third day. Before he came to visit me, he had to force himself to leave the house to go to his substitute teaching job, even though he enjoyed it immensely. Last week he informed me that he is starting his own company, a real estate brokerage firm.

I have been amazed and grateful at the transformation that can sometimes occur with just a short session of EFT, and it makes me sad to think of all the years Bob spent trying unsuccessfully to solve his problem through conventional methods. Here's the letter Bob sent me recently:

Dear Patti,

The progress I have made both mentally and physically since the beginning of this year 2005 has been phenomenal.

Honestly, I feel gratitude to God for my abundance of blessings. You see, I attribute much of this progress to forces beyond human comprehension. Now, to get more down to earth. When I saw you in December of 2004 in Mission Viejo, you practiced a "tapping" method with me that gave me immediate results. Forgive me for forgetting the initials of this treatment. Anyway I felt immediate relief after that one session. Combine this with my good fortune to inherit some passive income from commercial real estate and the result is relief from pressure.

GC COMMENT: Skeptics might argue that the receipt of this extra income was the real cause for Bob's agoraphobic improvement. However, out of thousands upon thousands of agoraphobia cases on the record books, I have yet to hear of one that was resolved simply because someone received extra income.

BOB'S LETTER CONTINUES: I guess I am truly puzzled and overwhelmed that I no longer need all that psychiatric medicine I have been taking for years. I even went to my Internist for my annual physical and said to him, "Dr Kendall, I just don't get it. I don't have friends, most of my family doesn't want anything to do with me, I'm really alone, but I have never felt better physically and mentally." He replied by saying, "you have made a 180 degree turn since I meet you in 1999. You know who you are and are finally comfortable with yourself." Of course the results of my physical confirmed that everything is normal. My final thought is that it is impossible for a person to be depressed and/or anxious when one's prevailing attitude is one of gratitude. Talk to you soon.


I am committed to sharing EFT with as many people as possible. Thanks for your generosity and courage in putting it out there for the world to learn.

Be Well,
Patti Spencer

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Giving Up the Weed

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Actor and rapper J Rock of Big Brovas fame has been smoking marijuana for 14 years and is desperate to give up. This one-hour observational documentary charts J Rock's struggle to give up one of the constants in his life and witnesses how he copes. Part of Channel Four’s “Cold Turkey” season. Click here for more details.

One of the really lovely, heartwarming things about this programme was hearing J Rock describe how coming off cannabis has improved his relationship with his partner and small daughter.

30 days after stopping smoking, he is disappointed to learn he still has cannabis in his system. But a week later, another test shows he is free of the drug.

Click here to read up on cannabis and the law.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very effective way to beat addictions. Click here for more info.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Do you believe you deserve the very best?

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In the west, the vast majority of people have been brainwashed to believe that we don't deserve the very best - that we are 'sinners' or that we deserve to suffer. Or that other people can attain wealth, but we 'can't'.

As people of African heritage, we particularly suffer from this kind of conditioning. Often it is unconscious. We believe that we 'cannot' attain true wealth and success because of racism, or because white people can have it but we can't. Family patterns reinforce our toxic conditioning, which we can often trace back to patterns learned during the time of enslavement. And we resent those whom we see as more successful than we are.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is one way to overcome and dramatically transform these patterns.
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To learn more ways to overcome and transform our patterns of thought and belief, order your copy of Success Strategies for Black People today.
Click here for details.

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Using EFT for chronic problems

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

SRT Intro Evening

This event has been postponed - I will post here when the new date has been set.

In the meantime, check out how SRT can help you transform your life and live your dreams.

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